Welcome to Leviathan-Eternal

Leviathan-Eternal is a developer of many types of media. Our main focus is the development of computer games. Leviathan-Eternal is also the parent of some other groups who develop projects in relevant domains.

The Leviathan-Eternal site is a host to content that consists of the numerous creations developed by Leviathan-Eternal and the Leviathan-Eternal community.

The Leviathan-Eternal forum is a unification of the Leviathan-Eternal community. A way to converse with the people who visit it and obtain feedback from them for everything relevant to Leviathan-Eternal so that those things can be improved upon and the Leviathan-Eternal community can gain from those improvements.

If there is any reason to contact Leviathan278, the owner of Leviathan-Eternal, that is relevant to the content within the Leviathan-Eternal site or the Leviathan-Eternal forum, or the hosting of your creations, do so, either via an e-mail to leviathan278@hotmail.com or via a private message Leviathan278 within the Leviathan-Eternal forum.