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Veridissimilitude - - 2008.11.24 14.26.02

Applet (If Java is useable through your web browser):

Application (If Java is not useable through your web browser):

Information Index


Programme: Sun Microsystems - Java - 1.4.1 1 Merlin.
Space - Long time: 6.249 megabits.


Input: Keyboard.
Output: Video and audio.
Output - Video - Width: 640 area elements.
Output - Video - Height: 480 area elements.


Transversion and Encounter
Keyboard - Enter: Move forward.

Keyboard - Enter: To Transversion.

Keyboard - Escape: To Menu.
Keyboard - Left, Right, Down, or Up: Movement.
Keyboard - Enter: Begin an action.
Keyboard - M: Change map's state off or on.

Keyboard - Enter: To Transversion.

Keyboard - Down or Up: Change user's action option.
Keyboard - Left or Right: Change user's action's user option.

Encounter Ending
Keyboard - Enter: To Transversion.

Game Ending
Keyboard - Enter: To Game.

Thoughts and feelings

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